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At We Feed Birds, we do exactly that and so much more! As well as filling your bird feeders, we also clean, inspect, and if possible, repair or replace damaged feeders! On top of that, we also install pole feeding systems, bird houses, and bird bath water features. Our experts can also help you design YOUR bird feeding paradise to make you the envy of the neighborhood!

Squirrel or deer problems? We can fix that. We’ve been frustrating 4 legged pests for years with proven techniques and tools to keep them out of your feeders. Trying to attract specific birds? We know not only the right feed, but the right feeder to attract most backyard songbirds in the Midwest! No matter what type of area you’re in, we can find a solution to make your space bird friendly!

WeFeedBirds Services

Our Feed

We Feed Birds - 50/50 Blend Bird Feed
50-50 Blend

We Feed Birds - Cardinal Blend Bird Feed

We Feed Birds - In Shell Peanut Bird Feed
In Shell Pnut

We Feed Birds - No Shell Peanut Bird Feed
No Shell Pnut

We Feed Birds - Patio Blend Bird Feed
Patio Blend

We Feed Birds - Safflower Bird Feed

We Feed Birds - Squirrel Mix Bird Feed
Squirrel Mix

We Feed Birds - Thistle Bird Feed

Quality Feeders

The Best Seed

Worry Free Service

100% Risk Free

Our Feeders

We Feed Birds - Buster Plus Feeder

Buster Plus

We Feed Birds - Bustersuet Feeder

Buster Suet

We Feed Birds - Cedar Log Feeder

Cedar Log

We Feed Birds - Thistle Feeder

Mesh Peanut Feeder

We Feed Birds - Mesh Peanut Feeder

Mesh Peanut Feeder

We Feed Birds - Peanut Ring Feeder

Pnut Ring

We Feed Birds - Suet Tail Feeder

Suet Tail Prop

We Feed Birds - Big Tube Feeder

Big Tube

We Feed Birds - Seed Catcher

Seed Catcher

We Feed Birds - Flat Poly Feeder

Flat Poly

We Feed Birds - Flat Cedar Feeder

Flat Cedar

We Feed Birds - Horizontal Suet Feeder

Horizontal Suet

Why We Feed Birds

At We Feed Birds we combine our love for bird feeding with our heart for amazing customer service. Our entire staff LOVES feeding birds, and we love sharing our passion with others.

We Feed Birds - Guarantee

We Feed Birds is so committed to you LOVING your experience, everything we do is backed up by a 100% money back guarantee, and there are NO long term contracts. Bottom line is this, if you aren’t enjoying it, you shouldn’t have to pay for it.

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We Feed Birds - Guaranteed Service We Feed Birds - Guaranteed Birds

We Customize each plan with 3 simple steps

You choose the budget, the birds you want to attract and WE do the rest

Choose Your Feeders

Choose Your Feeders or Use Yours!

What types of birds do you want to attract?

Pick a Plan

Pick a Service Plan

Our weekly fill service is our most popular, but we can customize to your needs.

We do Everything

We Install, Setup and get You Started

You don't need to do a thing, our pros take care of everything!

Benefits of Bird Feeding

There are so many ways bird feeding makes everyting better

For the love of it!

Ask anyone who feeds birds, they love it! It is just too much fun!

Connection to the Outdoors

Bird feeding makes you part of their ecosystem and connects you with nature

Emotionally Uplfting

Birds are loyal and will stay close, keeping you company

Weed control & Pollination

Some birds love to eat weed seeds also. Talk about a win-win

Serving all of the Rochester Area

Weekly service performed by friendly staff!